Chungdong First Methodist Church 
                        English Ministry

A Welcoming International Community of Faith in the Heart of Seoul

Pastoral Team

Rev. Dr. Se-Hyoung Lee

Senior Pastor: English Ministry

Reverend Se Hyoung Lee studied undergrad and graduate school at Methodist Theological University of Korea, and did his M. Div. and Ph. D. at Drew University in the United States. He served as a pastor at Oakhill Durham UMC and Vancortlandtville UMC in New York. He was ordained as a Deacon and Elder Minister of the New York Annual Conference and returned in 1996 to Korea to serve as Missions Pastor of Chungdong First Methodist Church, and it was then that he founded the English Ministry. Currently Rev. Lee is teaching Systematic Theology at Hyupsung University and serving as the pastor of the Chungdong English Ministry. His dream is to make the Chungdong E.M. a site of global exchange.

Rev. Dr. Hea-sun Kim

Volunteer Pastor

The Rev.Hea-sun Kim began serving Chungdong Englsih Ministry from 2009. She is also the Director of Scranton Women's Leadership Center in Seoul.

About Us

Chung-Dong First Methodist Church, English Ministry was born on 1 June 1997 as an outreach to the many foreigners in Seoul and surrounding areas. From its inception, the ministry was supported by a diverse international community consisted of foreigners, many Koreans who previously lived and work overseas as well as Korean members who wished to improve their English skills.

During the 18 years, the English Ministry has established itself firmly as an international community of faith with people from various church traditions worshiping in harmony.

Two worship services

Contemporary Worship: Sundays at 10:00 in Wesley Hall. The early morning Contemporary Worship is marked by a less-informal gathering with mostly contemporary worship music and liturgy. The focus is on young adults and their needs.

Vibrant Traditional Worship: Sundays at 2:00. Every Sunday at 2 pm worshipers gather in the main sanctuary for a more formal, yet vibrant celebration of God’s presence. The focus during this service is mainly on Holy Communion and the Word of God as central points.

Kid’s Worship: Children play a very important role in our Ministry. Every Sunday at 12:50 a dedicated group of Kid’s Worship instructors and kid’s gather in Wesley Hall for a time of worship. Once again, a diverse group of international students along with Koreans gather to celebrate God’s presence and learn from the Bible. The annual Vacation Bible School forms an integral part of ministry life.

Our History

Chung-dong First Methodist Church is the birthplace of Korean Protestantism. Established and started in 1885 by the pioneer American missionary Henry Appenzeller, the church has always been a vital meeting point between East and West and a place where the beauty of diversity is celebrated in God's unity. This important feature of the church has gained further prominence when the English Ministry was launched in 1997 and had its first service on June 1 in the historic Bethel Chapel.

Throughout the years, the English Ministry has established itself as a spiritual home to both foreigners who live and work in Korea, and the English speaking Koreans who form the majority of the ministry. The EM identifies itself as a networking and 'station' ministry where people from all over the world come to worship during their stay in Korea. Our EM is indeed not a static nor exclusive ministry, but sees itself as dynamic, new and inclusive. The doors of the ministry are always open to those who want to come and celebrate the life and resurrection of Christ and share the Word of God.

What We Believe

    • Our Passion is God
    • Our Motivation is the Love of Christ
    • Our Power is through the Holy Spirit
    • Our Mission is the world, and
    • Our Vision is to create a loving, informing, worshiping, global, community where God's presence, love, and power can be experienced and appreciated in unity
    • We believe in God, the Creator of all that we see, and all that we do not see. We believe in Jesus Christ, God become flesh; in death the Forgiver of sinners, in rising the Healer of the broken. We believe in the Holy Spirit, God within us; Comforter, Strengthener and Friend.

Rev. Dr. Johan Reiners

Co-Pastor: English Ministry

South African born Johan Reiners joined Chung-dong English Ministry in 2009. He is a tenure track professor at The Catholic University of Korea where he lectures and serves as counseling therapist for students and faculty. His life's philosophy is expressed in the words of Erma Bombeck: "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say: I used everything You gave me."

Rev. Sandra Kim

Co-Pastor: English Ministry

Rev. Sandra Chong-ah Kim serves as the Young Adults Pastor of ChungDong English Ministry. A graduate  of Ewha Womans Univ. and Fuller Theological Seminary, she traveled the world and loves introducing God to people she meets.
Pastor Sandra likes to quote 'A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.'