Chungdong First Methodist Church, English Ministry       

An International Community of Faith in the Heart of Seoul

Kid's Worship

Children play a very important role in our Ministry. Every Sunday at 1:30 a dedicated group of Kid’s Worship instructors and kids gather for a time of worship. It's a diverse group of international students and Koreans who gather to celebrate God’s presence and learn from the Bible. The annual Vacation Bible School forms an integral part of ministry life.

Shalom Choir and Trio

Chung-dong EM's Shalom Choir is a small, but energetic and enthusiastic group of about eighteen members who enjoy singing four-part harmony and all kinds of music! Some of us are, or have been, students majoring in music; the rest are from all walks of life. We share the joy of singing, and a belief in music as a central part of worship.

Shalom started with only four members to support the English worship services which began in June 1997 and became a regular choir by appointing Yongshil Jeon (previous senior pastor Jo Yongjoon's wife) as conductor bearing the name English Ministry Choir. When Soyong Joo became conductor in 1998, she dedicated herself for ten years and her dedication bore the fruit of success. The Choir accepted the name 'Shalom' in 1999. With the addition of 3 instrumentalists, Jinwoo Park, Seokjoong Lee, and Hanlim Kim, the Shalom Choir and Trio was born. Shalom Choir and Trio have since been performing and serving in worship and inspired worshipers with outstanding music.

In 2000, Shalom had performed its first music concert, commemorating 3 years of service in the English Ministry. Since then Shalom had performed concerts annually including the prestigious memorial concert for Chungdong FMC's 120 years anniversary with a joint performance with Wesley Choir, Chungdong's 3rd worship service choir. In 2008 soprano leader Hee-Yong Yoon became the conductor of shalom and under her baton, the choir performed various outstanding concerts.

The choir practices two hours per Sunday, one before and one after worship services. Every year we perform a major concert showcasing major works performed throughout the year . If you are interested in joining us, please email Won for more information at



With the CATS program we wish to:

· Serve God as stewards of His talents and gifts to Chungdong FMC. Chungdong FMC is blessed to have highly trained and qualified people who will gladly share their knowledge and experience with all who wish to receive it for the glory of God and the building of His kingdom on earth.

· Pioneer a practical, yet crucial ministry that will fulfill a need for deeper spirituality and theological grounding.

· Build up Chungdong EM as a nurturing center for sending out equipped, spiritually strong leaders to the ends of the earth. Taking into account the nature of EM as a “subway” ministry where theological candidates and members journey with the Ministry for a while and then move on to places all over the world, our calling is to capture the time of their sojourn with us to invest in them what we can to help them to be changing agents of God world-wide.

· Build up a solid and strong home-based lay leadership group which is crucial for the future of EM.

By doing this we are crossing the threshold to be a ministry which actively accepts the challenge of God to be light and salt in this world.